Festschrift for Seymour Bernstein


A collection of articles on music, on piano performance and pedagogy, and on friendship, the Festschrift for Seymour Bernstein was first published in December of 2002.  The second, revised, edition of 2006 adds photographs of the presentation.

Conceived and compiled by Birgit Matzerath, and edited and typeset by Alison Thomas, this Festschrift includes articles by Tallis Barker, Mark Cannon, Marcia Eckert, Emily Flint, Calvin Herst, Phyllis Alpert Lehrer, Flora Levin, Birgit Matzerath, Christian A. Pohl, Paul C. Pollei, Gerhard Schroth, Donald Shaw, Paul Sheftel, Richard Shirk, Rebecca Payne Shockley, Joseph Smith, Jean Stackhouse, Alison Thomas, Baylis Thomas, and Elizabeth Wolff.

This is a not-for-profit publication, all proceeds going toward printing costs.

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